I’m passionate about health and fitness.  Living a healthy, active life is my top priority.  I love participating in many activities and try to workout every day to stay in shape.

Right now I’m participating in the BodyRock 30 day challenge.  For my own records I started this blog to keep track of my workouts and progress.  I’ll be recording all my workouts and everything I eat.  If this information is helpful to someone, then I encourage you to read it.

I’m not a fitness expert but I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way in case it helps others to achieve their own fitness goals.  I’ve found that getting really fit has more to do with your diet than your workout routine.  Even if you’re sweating an hour a day on the treadmill, eating too many calories will just set you back.  Although I’ve always been a healthy eater, I never really knew what the best things to eat were or how to get the most from my daily allotment of calories.  So I’m really trying to find healthy recipes that are high in nutrients and low in calories.  I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to get in great shape without dieting or limiting yourself to tasteless foods.

I’ll be linking to recipes and sharing my meals so if anyone is struggling with this too, maybe they can learn from me.  It seems like a lot of fitness experts write articles but don’t tell you what they’re eating or all the details of the workouts they’re doing.  I want to share everything here so others can read and benefit from it as well as to track my progress and hold myself accountable.


One Response to About

  1. Nice to meet you! I found you via your Twitter feed – thanks for the follow!
    Consider putting a link to your website under your twitter about description so others can find you more easily and learn from you.

    I will be back to read more about what you’re up to and what you’ve learned so far.
    Being accountable to ourselves is where it all begins.

    Take care!

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