September 2012

I didn’t keep very good records during September 2012 so there are quite a few absent dates.

Here’s the information that I do have:

20 September
Breakfast: eggs with 1 slice toast, ½ banana, tea

19 September
Breakfast: oatmeal with trail mix, almond milk, flavorful; 1 slice toast with marmalade; tea
Lunch: random leftovers and stuff
Dinner: banh mi sandwiches

17 September
Breakfast: cereal with honey, banana, almond milk; 1 piece toast with marmalade, some tea, some orange

11 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, some English Muffin with marmalade, bit of bacon, tea
Lunch: leftover basil chicken with rice, some papad, some green tea drink, a Hershey kiss
Dinner: veggie sandwiches, fruit

10 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, orange, ½ English muffin, tea, some bacon
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: basil chicken with rice

9 September
Breakfast: English muffin with 2 eggs and 2 piece back bacon, tea
Lunch: Indian buffet, Russian sweet
Dinner: assortment of leftovers

8 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, ½ English muffin with nutella/marmalade, few bites of bacon, tea, banana
Lunch: Vietnamese takeout, canned iced tea
Dinner: beef yakitori with rice

7 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, toast, bacon, tea
Lunch: some leftover pulled pork, some tortilla chips, some apple
Dinner: shrim po’boys

6 September
Breakfast: Indian omelet, ½ banana, 1 slice toast, some tea
Lunch: leftover Thai curry, 1 rasmalai, some mango drink, some papad
Dinner: pulled pork on 1 bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, some pumpkin smoothie

5 September
Breakfast: pumpkin and pecan pancakes, tea, ½ banana
Lunch: leftover tofu with beef and rice, some chips and salsa, bit of mango drink, some rasmalai
Dinner: Thai green curry with ½ cup white rice, some lychee drink, frozen yogurt after (130 total)

4 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, bacon, tea, banana
Lunch: leftover rice stuff with Indian bread
Dinner: tofu and rice with veggies and beef

3 September
Breakfast: leftover apple kuchen, bacon, tea, ½ banana
Lunch: tawa pulao rice thingy
Dinner: masala burgers, fruit

2 September
Breakfast: apple kuchen
Lunch: Chinese
Dinner: random Indian stuff

1 September
Breakfast: oatmeal, bacon, toast with marmalade, tea
Lunch: Indian buffet
Dinner: leftover Vietnamese noodles, some pasta salad, various fruits with Magic Frootie, Coca Cola


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